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 No.8 Sandalwood + Pine Needle scented candle and package

The perfect candle.

Hand poured with soy wax and essential oils and a clean design makes Outdoor Fellow ideal for any setting.

- Keeps your home smelling fresh all year long

- Makes gift giving simple and easy

- No commitments and 100% satisfaction guaranteed

- 5% of proceeds support The Trust for Public Land

No.1 Fireplace + Clove scented candle and package

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Outdoor Fellow's Core Variety Pack is just for you! Each month for 4 months you or a special someone will receive a new signature scent from our core collection all while saving 20% off each candle! 

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No.1 Fireplace + Clove scented candleSubscribe starting at $29.60 per candle per month.


No.14 Woods scented candle Your candle ships immediately and will renew every month until the subscription ends or is canceled.

No.15 Cedarwood + Lavender scented candle Enjoy the scents of the outdoors!

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