Handcrafted fragrances inspired by nature.

Outdoor Fellow creates strong, unique scents inspired by real outdoor experiences to help spur your next adventure.

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Top down view of unlit candle in jar

Better wax for a better candle

Our wax is a blend of natural coconut and apricot wax giving each candle a beautiful, luxurious, creamy appearance. A minuscule amount of highly refined, food-grade paraffin wax is included which improves the candles fragrance throw each time it's lit filling your space with the fragrance you love.

Pepper and Orange scented candle on a gold tray next to orange slices and ground pepper

The perfect burn

Our wicks are made from 100% renewable fibers and are cotton based.

The knitted manufacturing process makes for a more consistent, quality wick and allows for better capillary flow compared to standard braided wicks on the market.

All this means your candle burns perfectly every time you light it.

Negroni with orange peel

Reusable Jar

Outdoor Fellow candles are poured in 11oz rocks glasses.

These dishwasher safe glasses have a simple yet elegant design that make perfect additions to your home well after the candle is spent.

Once your candle is finished, thoroughly clean the jar and pour in your favorite drink!

Towering Fir Trees in Oregon Forest State Park

Public land matters

Here at Outdoor Fellow we believe that the outdoors should be for everyone.

We want to help keep public parks of all shapes and sizes just that - PUBLIC!

5% of proceeds from each purchase will be donated to The Trust for Public Land, an amazing organization that fights to protect public land for generations to come.

Sandalwood and Pine Needle scented candle on a marble table

Made in the USA

All Outdoor Fellow products are handcrafted in the USA.

We are also extremely proud to source all our candle raw materials domestically in the USA allowing Outdoor Fellow to better avoid global supply chain issues and support American manufacturing.

  • Joy K.

    "Thank you, Outdoor Fellow! The richness and depth of each scent exceeded my expectations! It's obvious significant research and development have been invested and displayed in every detail."

  • Angela F.

    "I purchased a 3 month subscription as a house warming gift for a friend and loves her first candle thus far!"

  • Eugene S.

    "Can't beat the price with this top notch underdog in the perfume home fragrances candle industry. I absolutely loved all the candles I received and the shipping service was extremely fast! Thank you to the staff of Outdoor Fellow."

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