About Outdoor Fellow

 Outdoor Fellow founder Patrick Jones

Outdoor Fellow began as a candle hobby for founder Patrick Jones.  A candle enthusiast, he would pick up candles anywhere and everywhere he went.  His enthusiasm turned into a hobby where he started making his own scented candles inspired by the places he and his fiancé traveled over the years - from backpacking in the Adirondacks to scuba diving in Bonaire.  Each candle evokes the scents of those magical places and bring back the memories of each trip.

In 2018, the hobby turned into a full fledged business and Outdoor Fellow was born.   Each fragrance is inspired by nature and the outdoors. They are designed to sit in any type of home from cabin in the woods to city apartment and are handcrafted in the USA at an accessible price point. Outdoor Fellow creates home fragrance products that are paraben and phthalate-free.

Outdoor Fellow also donates 5% of each sale towards The Trust for Public Land in an effort to help keep public lands available for public use!

Bring in the outdoors.