Introducing: Campfire

The summer is starting to come to an end and is leading into our favorite season of the year, autumn. While we love that summer brings us beautiful vegetables, fragrant flowers and plenty of pool time, autumn brings us crisper air, colorful leaves and an excuse to drink more red wine. It's also a time to gather around a fire with friends and family to enjoy each others' company and that's what inspired our new autumn scent: Campfire

Campfire scented candle

Campfire transports you to this wonderful place where you are outside, sitting around a fire wrapped in a warm, wool blanket watching the flames as they dance around the glowing embers. Smoky, charred wood aromas envelop you to create a cozy and tranquil experience.  

As soon as the air temperature drops below 60 degrees you can bet we are lighting a fire in the backyard, pouring a glass of wine and unwinding after a hard day's work.  There is no better smell than the start of a fire that wafts through the air and greets you as you come through the door.  Even if you've had the most trying day, the smell of a campfire immediately has a calming effect that washes over you and helps burn the stress of the day away.  

Campfire Video by Patrick Jones


Scent Notes

Top: Sandalwood, White Smoke, Bergamot
Middle: Birch Tar, Black Rose, Incense
Bottom: Smoked Amber, Charred Cedarwood

Campfire launches on September 6th at and we hope that it gives you the calm and tranquility that it gives us as we head into the autumn season. 

-Patrick Jones, Founder of Outdoor Fellow


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