Introducing: Tomato Vine

Here at Outdoor Fellow we love the outdoors and create all our scents around our experiences in nature.  If you know us, then you know we love scents inspired by hikes in the woods, canoe trips in the mountains and cocktails by a sandy beach (or in my case, by a pool overlooking a sandy beach). For our latest scent though, we didn’t have to travel very far. In fact it was inspired by our own backyard garden!  Introducing: Tomato Vine. 

Tomato Vine smells like a ripe tomato plant that creates a beautiful, green, herby aroma. With top notes of lemon zest and sparkling pineapple and middle and base notes of basil leaves, juicy tomatoes and a tomato vine accord, Tomato Vine gives you all the summertime feels.  

Living in NYC, it is a luxury to have a backyard, let alone the ideal conditions to grow your own herbs and vegetables so when I moved to Washington Heights to a home that had both, I was  in heaven just thinking about all of the things I could grow!  In my old apartment in Chelsea, I had successfully grown tomatoes on my fire escape so I knew that tomatoes were an absolute must have in my new backyard paradise. 

Sunlit tomato and cucumber plants
(my real life tomato plants from 2021)

As soon as the spring planting season started, I ran to my garden center and farmers' markets where I bought tomato and cucumber vines, green peppers and every herb under the sun to make my ideal summer garden.  Every morning I would wake up, make some coffee and sit outside admiring the plants and checking to see how they progressed. I would get especially excited when the start of a fruit could be seen and even more excited when I was finally able to harvest the bounty my garden provided.  I always loved the way my hands smelled after inspecting the garden and that’s when I knew that I had to replicate that same smell into a candle so I could enjoy it all year long.  

Tomato Vine scented candle grouped with heirloom tomatoes

Tomato Vine officially launches on Monday, April 25th online at and for a limited time every purchase of the Tomato Vine candle will come with a packet of tomato seeds for you to start your own tomato plants.  I hope this new scent brings you as much joy as it does me!

-Patrick Jones, Founder of Outdoor Fellow 

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