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Outdoor Fellow

Spice Ash Scented Candle

Spice Ash Scented Candle

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Spice Ash is a warming and inviting candle inspired by the holiday aromas of toasted cinnamon sticks, clove buds, star anise, juniper, and black peppercorns. The top notes of clove buds and vanilla spice create a festive and inviting atmosphere, while the middle notes of clove leaf and smoky birch add depth and complexity. The base notes of hickory embers, sandalwood, and musk give the candle a warm and cozy finish.

Scent Notes

Top: Clove Buds, Vanilla Spice
Middle: Clove Leaf, Smoky Birch
Bottom: Hickory Embers, Sandalwood, Musk

Product Details

-Vegan, paraben, phthalate and cruelty free
-Handcrafted in the USA
-Natural coconut wax blend
-Wick is made from 100% renewable fibers and a cotton core
-Burn Time 40-50 hours
-5% of proceeds support the Trust for Public Land
-Reusable, dishwasher and food safe glass jar

Care Instructions

Step 1
Trim the wick to 1/4" as this will help the candle burn more evenly and prevent sooting and smoking. It will also keep the flame at a proper level making your candle last longer.

Step 2
When you burn the candle, let the wax pool reach all of the sides before you blow it out. This prevents wax from building up on the sides which causes what is known as "tunneling". This is especially important for the first burn.

Step 3
Don't burn the candle for more than four hours at a time. After four hours the flame can become too big which can cause smoking, sooting and the glass jar may become too hot and crack.

Step 4
This isn't so much of a step but a general rule when burning candles. Always burn the candle on an even, non-flammable surface and away from anything flammable. Make sure it is out of reach of children and pets.

Following these steps will ensure your candle lasts as long as possible. Enjoy the burn!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Alex M.
Perfect for fall!

I received my Spice Ash candle on the first day of fall and it was a rainy NYC day, so I thought it was the perfect day to light it up and give it a go. I love the subtle notes of smoke, they remind me of a campfire back home... so cozy!

I love this!

This is just delicious. Every time I think I have a favorite, those Outdoor Fellows come up with something new to delight. This is similar to my all-time favorite "Fireplace and Clove", but it's smokier and the spice is more pronounced. It's perfect for this time of year.

Incredible candle for fall!

This one knocked my socks off. Warm birch and clove but not christmassy at all. The scent really covered the whole room but wasn’t overwhelming. A great fall or holiday candle that is unique and complex. Sophisticated and…can I call a scent handsome? Spice ash IS!

The perfect scent for the season(s)

I started burning this right as NYC began to feel like fall, and I will continue burning it well through the holidays. This time of year, it is always tricky to find the balance between fall and winter scents…I feel like I burn autumnal scents from September through November, but the holiday scents only burn in December. Spice Ash is an ideal candle to burn the entire time! It’s got both fall and holiday vibes without getting trapped in either scent story. For me, the Sandalwood is prominent, grounding the spicier and sweeter notes to create a general coziness that I’m frankly obsessed with. It was cold and rainy all morning today, so I lit that sucker, got in bed, and read a book. It was PERFECT. I’ll definitely be getting another in a few weeks for myself and purchasing some for holiday gifts!

Smells like fall!

A crisp cinnamon and spice smell that harkens that Fall feeling!